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Human, animal and environmental wellness

Now offering 5+credits of RACE approved CE for veterinarians & vet techs! 


Our retreats encompass all aspects of One Health - human, animal, and environment - and incorporates them into a week-long, quintessentially unforgettable experience. They are designed to provide wellness tools to boost your overall well-being physically, mentally, and spiritually not only during the retreat but lasting long after you return home.

You will learn exercises to balance the nervous system while safely exploring the capabilities of your body. Prepare to see an exotic part of the world with like-minded people while encountering wild animals.

Ekam Arogya ~ "one Health"

Ekam Arogya translates to "One Health" in Sanskrit, the language of yoga. The "One Health" initiative has been blooming in the veterinary and human medical fields for some time now, raising awareness of the importance for unification of human, animal, and environmental health. 


I initially created the retreats for my veterinary colleagues, as veterinarians experience one of the highest suicide rates of any profession. Burnout and compassion fatigue is rampant in a wide range of caregiving and animal professionals, not limited to veterinary professionals. Mental health of human healthcare workers is also in crisis. Through my business, I provide tools and services for those who, like myself, are part of the One Health movement - particularly through improving mental health, animal health, and nurturing an appreciation for the environment. 

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"This is why I hold my wellness retreats in the middle of the African bush, where attendees can unplug and experience wildlife up close while undergoing a physical cleanse."

About the Founder

"I created Ekam Arogya LLC in early 2020 with the vision of not only incorporating all of my passions into my career, but also building a wellness community."


Nicole grew up in Yonkers, NY, and studied Animal Science, Pathobiology, and Wildlife Conservation in college.  While obtaining her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, she also pursued a Master's degree studying marine mammal pathology.  Nicole discovered the power of yoga on the island of Grenada in veterinary school.  Shortly after graduating, she was inspired to attend yoga teacher training to deepen her practice.  She has since obtained her 500 h certification between studying yoga in the United Arab Emirates and in India under practitioners from Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga.

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