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Battling the Mental Health Crisis

Our "Why"

Animal professionals benefit from positive outlets and healthy interpersonal experiences.

Interpersonal Connectedness

We believe in the importance of providing opportunities for animal professionals to experience positive interpersonal experiences.


As children, if we are growing up in situations where we suffer difficulty feeling safe connecting with other humans, we will turn to connecting with animals.  Animals become our safe place.

The people that have difficulty feeling safe connecting with humans are usually the ones that enter animal professions, like the veterinary field.

When we, as animal professionals, experience mental, emotional, or physical adversity, we often struggle healthily communicating what we need to those we love.  We can even struggle to maintain long-term relationships with the people we love.

Two tools Ekam Wellness provides for animal professionals are group trips and partner yoga workshops.

Positive Outlets

Ekam Wellness retreats and workshops focus on circulation in the human body.

Healthy circulation is achieved by encouraging hydration, movement, and abstinence from alcohol.  All Ekam Wellness experiences are "dry."

Alcoholism is rampant in veterinary culture, often ingrained into our community members as a means of coping with stressful examinations during school.  This habit of negative escapism feeds dehydration, fatigue, and damages interpersonal relationships.

We provide "positive outlets" that move frustrated energy through the excitement travel, animal encounters, and the endorphin release that novel forms of exercise provide.

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