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DoTerra Oils 


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My Story 

In 2018, a few days before a solo trip backpacking northern Thailand, I had a flare-up of infected wisdom teeth. 

I put together a medicine kit for my travels and began using Clove oil for painful gums - it worked like magic and kept pain and inflammation at bay until I was home and could get my wisdom teeth removed.  This started my journey into plant magic and DIY self-care practices. 

Strictly avoiding anything containing "fragrance/(parfum)"

I now make my own wet and dry shampoo, deodorant, counter cleaner, toothpaste, and mouthwash.  The opportunity to use self-made toiletries imparts an indescribable feeling of self-love.

My ethos on essential oils 

We live in a world where plant-derived chemicals are adulterated and abused in the daily routines of most people in America - from our diets to our "releases" through substance abuse.  I used to eat a highly processed diet, and abused adulterated plant-derived substances. 

My physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies were sick, and only really began healing when I made plants a daily part of my life. I now have intense gratitude for using plant medicine in my everyday life through essential oils and practice using them with intention.  I consider it my "karma" to share pure, unadulterated plant oils with my community.  

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis

Essential oil recipes coming soon...

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